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The packaging of guano must respect one of the basic characteristics of the product, that it is kept active (alive) by its invaluable microbial flora, and these must be protected until it is put on the soil.

To keep this microflora alive, the most important aspect of care is to maintain humidity levels in the guano within the parameters of 20-40% humidity; for this purpose, we use an extra polyethylene bag for sacks of 20 and 40 kilograms to avoid interaction between the guano and the external environment, which could dry it out. Thus, the sacks of 20 and 40 kilos have a double layer – a polyethylene bag on the inside and one of woven polypropylene on the outside for safe handling during transport and storage.

In the case of 10, 5 and 1 kg bags, we use polyethylene with a barrier to prevent gas exchange and protect the product. Moreover, these smaller sacks are packed into larger sacks of 30 or 40 kg, according to the client’s requirements.

The amount of guano that can be held in each container varies according to the packaging system. In a 20-foot container, a total of 22 tonnes in 20 or 40 kg sacks can be loaded bulk, but if they are palletized, the volume falls considerably.